Neutering aid for 3 dogs in Linggi, Melaka (Edwin Sam Keat Song’s) and Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM450 for the neutering of these 3 dogs.

Photos of and update on previous dogs are found below.

Summer was found together with her mother and 4 siblings in a farm in Linggi that was not well-maintained. Unfortunately, both the mother and her brother passed away due to Parvo-virus. Summer was fortunate to be one of the unaffected one. Currently recuperating in my place. Will let her back in the farm once she is well, but will still continue to feed her.

Spring is Summer’s sibling, found together with her mother and other siblings. She is also one of the lucky pups not affected by the parvovirus.

Lavender was found in front of my farm in Linggi. She was left there by her mother, together with her 8 siblings. Unfortunately, 5 of the siblings passed away due to unknown reasons. We had to take her in, and nurse her back to health. Currently looking for a new home.

Previous dogs:

The updates of the puppies:
1. Wolf – has found a new home in PJ. Have been trying to get the owner to get a good photo of her. Will visit her soon and get a pic for you.
2. Charlie – Was supposed to have a new home in Penang. But upon arriving there, realising the owner stays in a flat. Understand that by law flat are now allowed to have medium to big dogs as pets. So i had no choice but to decline the adoption. Currently still fostering at my home
3. Polar Bear – Have yet to find any home, as well fostering under my care
4. Peanut – Was initially adopted together with her sibling, Rooney. But owner decided to keep only Rooney, as they couldnt handle Peanut’s aggressively friendly behaviour.
These are the current updates of the pups.


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