Subcut for Pole and Cleo

Today was the second subcut for Pole and Cleo.

Generally, it had been pretty easy doing subcut for Vincent, Zurik, Bunny and Indy. But for the girls, it’s a little tricky. This especially so as both Pole and Cleo tend to be easily spooked and highly defensive.

Jia-Wen was on hand to help with both today. Cleo was the more challenging one as she is also very fierce. Later, I was able to handle Pole all by myself. I had to use three needles for Pole because with the first two, I thought I had poked through the skin, but actually I had not! Her skin is white and her hair is also all white on the body….and my eyes aren’t very good!

Cleo’s subcut has been revised to 200ml twice a week, upon the advice of the vet. Pole’s is still 150ml.

Cleo’s biggest challenge is eating. She has always been a very fussy eater and also a small eater.

I have been reading up on hyperthyroidism in cats. It appears that the medicine is for life. I really hope it works on Pole. The hyperthyroidism explains her jumpy and hyperactive demeanour. She also eats a lot but doesn’t put on weight – again, now we know it’s because of high metabolic rate brought on by the hyperthyroidism. It does explain a lot of her behaviours.

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