Territorial hounding

Ginger visited Bunny’s Place yesterday.  Twice.

The first time, Bunny sniffed at him all over. There was no attack.

The second time…

…the Royal Guards (Cow and Indy) ensured he had limited access.

Today, it was Ginger’s turn…

Bunny and Indy had a trip out and Indy was given extended time.

Ginger: This is my scratching post. 

I took a video – but you’d barely see any movement. They are probably communicating, but without any sound.

Ginger: Are you scared of me, Indy? 

Indy: Don’t push your luck, orange one. I can take you down with all four paws tied behind my back.

Heidi is on standby, just in case any help is needed. Or is she just being curious?

Tabs: I cannot help, so I will just hide here.

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