Vincent and Zurik back to Nature

Today seemed like a good day to commit Vincent and Zurik’s ashes back to Nature.

I cleared the patch of soil that Vincent loved to sleep in amidst the vegetables and it’s also near Zurik’s favourite hideout during his final days where he’d hide under the vegetable pots and sleep on the pebbles.

Vincent and Zurik started off as enemies with Vincent trying his best to keep Zurik out of our compound, but Zurik persisted so after a 2-year attempt, Vincent relented and the two became comrades. They were our CNRM-cats, guarding our compound from intruders.

From then on, they became the best of friends, eating their meals together and taking turns to patrol their territory.

Vincent and Zurik, run free and look after each other in that wonderful and blissful place where all animals go to after their tour on earth!

We will never forget you both.

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