The weight-loss-weight-gain programme

This week has been an extremely challenging week for me.

We are now on a weight-loss and weight-gain programme with the cats.

The ones needing to lose weight are: Cow, Bunny, Indy, Tabs (not urgent) and Ginger (urgent).

The ones needing to gain weight are Cleo (not urgent) and Pole (urgent).

That leaves only Heidi in an ideal weight for her size.

It is particularly challenging at Bunny’s Place because Cow, Bunny and Indy need to lose some weight (though not urgent) but Pole needs to gain weight urgently. Cleo would also do better with some weight gain. If Pole and Cleo eat more frequently, the boys will accuse me of favouritism and cats have a way to make you feel REALLY bad.

Feeding Pole and Cleo has always been tricky and difficult because the two are so very choosy. Their taste changes at every meal. What works in this meal will not work in the next. If the food isn’t the “correct” one, they will just walk away and starve.

Ultimately, it is all about discipline and having a thicker skin (not giving in to their demands, accusations and complaints of favouritism). At the same time, I have to ensure everyone eats something each day too.

Quite choosy. Needs to gain weight due to her hyperthyroid condition.

VERY choosy. I think she might just starve to death unless we give her the “right” food and this “right food” changes at every meal.

Not choosy at all. Very easy to feed, but Bunny needs to lose some weight.

Also not choosy. Needs to lose some weight.

Choosy eater. Kibble-king, but he needs more wetfood. Retraining and strict discipline needed on this one. He is also a complaint-king.

Tabs needs to lose some weight too.

Choosy eater. Whiner. Definitely needs to lose weight.

Eats her square meals. No complaints. At her ideal weight.

Please wish me luck with the rest!

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