Cleo and Indy, the brats

Is she a typical brat or what, right?

Our raw quest is progressing. Seven of them have been converted to raw food (Cubgrub and Primal) while Heidi has so far been willing to lick a few teaspoons of Cubgrub too.

Indy has been trying his luck to ask for other food. Otherwise, he would just forgo a meal until maybe 2 hours later when he would start demanding for food. Sometimes, it works if I just forcefeed him a few dollops of raw food which will then act as a catalyst to make him eat the whole thing by himself. But sometimes, it doesn’t work.

Cleo also has been trying her luck and getting away with it – if she doesn’t eat Cubgrub, she gets a meal of Primal (still raw) which she will eat all by herself.

Indy: Who needs your raw food? I’m fine. I’m going on a hunger strike until…the next meal.  

One good thing I’ve noticed is that since putting Indy on raw food, his stools FINALLY firmed up yesterday. There seems to be no more loose stools (this was a chronic problem previously when he was on all sorts of food) for now. Let’s hope this continues.

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