The hunger strike…

…that did not last.

And I’m glad it did not.

After 2 hours of “strike”, Indy yelled for food.

By right, he is supposed to wait for the next meal, but I decided to give in to him, as long as he is willing to eat. We are still transitioning, so I will cut them some slack here (which I know I should not). To me, it’s already a huge bonus that our kibble-king is willing to eat wet raw food.

So, he ate. On his own too.

But this is the problem when Indy doesn’t follow protocol and meal times. Bunny will wonder why Indy’s getting food and he isn’t. You just cannot explain to a cat that he had already eaten earlier. Animals live in the moment.

I have to break Indy’s bad habit, but I will take it one day at a time.

Cleo: Indy, you should have done what I did. Just demand for Primal. No need to go on a hunger strike. 

I got what I wanted, see?  

Bunny gets to sit on my lap as a treat. And he’s happy!

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