CNRM works! And the extras will be treats for shelter animals!

We are happy to note that there has been a slowdown in neutering claims since March this year. We contacted our previous applicants and were informed that their colonies have more or less stabilised. There has been no new animals entering their colonies or just the occasional one or two.

CNRM works! It does, if it is done on a small and manageable scale. You get all the animals neutered in that small area and continue looking after them for life (if they are not rehomed). The neutered animals, in turn, will prevent new animals from coming in, so the numbers will more or less remain the same.

It has always been our hope that CNRM will be the solution to control street animal population and at the same time, build a compassionate society that cares for street animals:¬†Where they are born is where they belong. It is their earth too…

CNRM worked when the Cow Clan “ruled” our street in our old neighbourhood. There were six of them (Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo, Indy and Tiger), all neutered and no new cats came in for six years while we stayed there. Cow and Bunny were the “taikors” who patrolled our street from alley to alley – they kept everyone else out! Then, we moved and everyone came along with us and retired as indoor cats. Tabs came to us one month before we moved, so we brought her along.

Then, I worked on the new neighbourhood and got the Bird Family (Daffodil, Rosie & Ginger), Heidi, Vincent, Zurik, Willy and Timmy all neutered. They too looked after the area and no new cats migrated in. There were the occasional visits from the neighbours’ cats but all of them had homes. A kitten, Raven, came on her own and I got her rehomed. All the adults remained as CNRM-cats and took care of our area. Only Mr Quack was rehomed after he was neutered because he terrorised everyone else, including us humans!

The last of our CNRM-cats were Vincent and Zurik. Now, Heidi and Ginger are also retired (indoors) and it looks like Buddy has taken up the duty of protecting our area. He is here quite often even though we don’t feed him (Buddy has a home down the road but he likes to come to our area). Occasionally, a grey cat comes around, but she too has a home down the road.

So yes, on a small scale, CNRM works. That is why we have been promoting this concept – One-Street CNRM. Keep it small and manageable and look after the animals well….for life.

To all our CNRM-applicants and our readers: Please do spread the word and encourage your friends to practise CNRM in their neighbourhood too. There is no need to do many colonies. Just do your own street; that would suffice. Do remember that when the animals age, they would need medical care and we need to have sufficient finances for this purpose. Caring is for life. Once we take up a colony, it is our responsibility to sustain and support it.

To our donors: Since there is a slowdown in the number of claims for neutering and vaccination now and we have surplus funds, we would like to channel your kind donation to contribute petfood to shelters through our Double Charity Donation. If you would like to participate in this, do let us know that your donation can be used for this purpose. If you have a favourite shelter in mind, please let us know too.

As always, priority is given to neutering and vaccination, but when there are extras, we would like to support local shelters with petfood. Let’s give shelter animals a good treat!

Thank you very much for everyone’s kind and generous support!


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