Indy’s news

Indy dutifully ate his ID for the first 2-3 meals, but by evening, he didn’t want it anymore.

There has been no vomiting or diarrhoea yesterday but this could be due to the anti-vomiting jab. We are not out of the woods yet. It’s too soon to tell.

By last night, I had to add a tiny hint of his regular food to entice him to eat the ID.

This morning, there was no problem giving him the liquid anti-protozoa medicine. I thought he might foam at the mouth but he didn’t and that was a relief.

However, he really didn’t want to eat the ID anymore. Even adding a hint of his regular food did not help. So I let him be. Maybe it was too early. I woke up earlier to give him his anti-protozoa meds as that’s to be taken before food.

After half an hour, he asked for food and I offered the same to him again, but he didn’t want it. He wants his regular food and I could see him pining for it when the others ate. That was quite heart-breaking.

I really hope he is not intolerant to chicken because his regular food is chicken.  ID contains chicken too, so if he can tolerate ID, I suppose he should not be intolerant to chicken then. Hopefully, it is just a chronic tummy upset which we can resolve and Indy can go back to his regular food once he is well.

Finally, I offered the food by hand. I didn’t force-feed him; he was willing to eat from my hand and slowly, we finished half of the portion.

Cow & Bunny definitely wants Indy’s food. In fact, everyone else wants Indy’s ID.

So, everyone else wants the ID except Indy!

The grass is certainly greener on the other side, even for cats.

Indy: I don’t want hospital food anymore. I want back my regular food.

At this moment, I don’t know how we are going to eat hospital food for 3 weeks.

Cow offering brotherly support.

Cow: I want Indy’s hospital food. Give, give, give, please…

Indy and all of us would like to thank everyone who has wished him well. Your kind wishes mean a lot to us.

2 comments to Indy’s news

  • CW Lee

    Dear Dr, Maybe can let Indy have the ID kibbles with a little water added. My cats disliked the wet ID too.

    • chankahyein

      Thank you for your kind suggestion, Ms Lee. So far, Indy is willing to eat it if I sprinkle some of his raw food on top. So I have been doing that.