Pumpkin to the rescue?

It’s a home remedy and it was at the back of my head for some time now. But I wanted to give the other options time to work, so I could only try one thing at a time.  The problem was, whatever I tried seemed to work for a few days and then, it would be back to square one again.

Yesterday morning, there was still some blood-tinged loose stools. So, I decided to try this next option – steamed pumpkin. Bought a slice of organic pumpkin, steamed it until soft and added a little bit of it to his wet ID. I fed Indy about a quarter teaspoon of it after every meal since yesterday afternoon.

Also, to entice Indy to eat his wet ID, I had to resort to sprinkling some wet Primal on top of the ID. This way, I could get him to eat on his own.

So, I gave him steamed pumpkin three times yesterday and this morning, to my utter relief, I found well-formed, normal-looking, firm stools at Indy’s spot!

I know it’s too early to rejoice and celebrate yet, given that whatever I’ve tried would “work” but only for a few days.  However, this time, the stools were normal-looking. Previously, whatever worked produced soft stools which was an improvement to loose stools.

There has been no vomiting too.

I can only hope we have found a solution to Indy’s problem. It’s too early to tell, of course. We would have to wait for a few days to know.

This morning, Indy was even willing to lick a little bit of the steamed pumpkin by himself.

Poo, glorious poo!

Every pet parent who has to deal with pet diarrhoea would understand how glorious this picture is!

Please, please, please…let this work.

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