Indy continues with the pumpkin treatment

Indy had a quarter teaspoon of steamed pumpkin with every meal yesterday and this morning, I found normal-looking, well-formed and firm stools at this spot in the sandpit. No blood. Still too early to celebrate…but am hopeful.

Today is Day 4 since he went to the vet’s. Indy was put on antibiotics (Clavamox) and in order to replenish the flora in his gut, the vet said I could give him probiotics two hours after the antibiotics. I have been doing this. I’m waiting for the 7 days of antibiotics to be completed, then we really have to work on replenishing the flora in his gut.

Indy seems to be very fine now. Yesterday, he even did a Spider-Cat stunt and climbed to the top of the window grille. I hope this means he feels much better already.

He still dutifully eats the ID, but I have to lace it with wet Primal before he would eat it. At this point, I would like to transition him back to his regular food soon, but we will take it one day at a time. He also willingly eats the steamed pumpkin by himself. Maybe he knows it is good for him.

Indy: I’m ready to take on the world…

Rest? Who has time to rest? 

Meanwhile, I’m surprised that no one is interested in this wheatgrass at all!  Tabs would be very interested, I know. She loves wheatgrass but the two times that she ate it years ago, she ended up hospitalised and nearly lost her life. Whether that was coincidental or not, we don’t know. But she ended up with high fever and had to be put on drips for days and given various antibiotics until finally one worked. So we really cannot take the chance or risk again with Tabs.

I did see Indy and Cleo eating a clump of grass in Bunny’s Garden so I thought they might like the wheatgrass, but no. Not interested at all! Indy likes lemongrass, though, so maybe that might help.

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