Indy’s updates

It’s been 7 days since Indy started on his treatment for diarrhoea and vomiting. Today is also the last day of his antibiotics – this is a big relief as we now can focus on replenishing the flora in his intestines.

I ordered Naturvet’s Digestive Enzymes with Pre- and Probiotics and started it on Indy on Friday. Throughout the week, I’ve been checking on his stools every morning. There were two days when the stools looked a bit pasty but on those days, it also rained in the early morning, so I hope it was the rain that might have altered the consistency of the stools. On other days, the stools looked very normal and well-formed.

On a side note, Heidi has a recurrent problem of vomiting white bile too, so I also put her on Naturvet’s Digestive Enzymes. It seems to be helping her too.

I have also begun to transition Indy back to raw food, but am doing this gradually. Surprisingly, he developed a liking for wet ID very quickly and has no problem eating it.

Slowly and steadily, I hope Indy’s digestive problems will be resolved completely soon.

This is the digestive enzymes (purchased through and I’m gradually transitioning him back to Cubgrub. He is still on steamed pumpkin for added fiber.


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