Ginger’s “expensive” trip out

Remember Ginger’s incessant and non-stop whining which has been happening for many weeks now?  We decided to let him out and he seemed to enjoy his few hours of “freedom”.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s outing proved to be a huge mistake. An “expensive” one too.

I was at work that day (a weekend event at the workplace) and Ginger had gone out.

According to my husband, Bushy White came and several encounters and brawls ensued between the two deadly enemies. My husband broke up one fight with the water hose and tried to get Ginger back, but he refused to come back. He was all out to teach Bushy White a lesson.

Bushy White also refused to give in, and after one brawl, he came back to challenge Ginger again.

This went on until it rained heavily and the two were engaged in an all-out war-crying inside the drain.

By the time I came home, I saw Ginger on the ledge, but he still wasn’t ready to come back.

After awhile, he came back on his own (we left Stargate2 open so that he could come back when he was ready). I saw Ginger sitting in the cage, so I let him in. He was just slightly wet in one patch. I wiped him dry and fed him (he ate).

That was Saturday. On Saturday night, he whined all night (the same type of whining which was asking to go out). Of course we did not let him out.

On Sunday, all was normal. Ginger ate breakfast with everyone else. But by lunch time, he was asleep in his orange basket and did not come into the kitchen. We thought he must have been just exhausted from all the adventure so I let him rest.

By dinner time, he still did not come into the kitchen. That’s when I knew that something was wrong.

I felt his body and it felt a bit too warm to the touch. Ginger was feverish. But when he came back on Saturday, my husband had already checked him all out and he found no wounds on him. So we checked again and found no wounds.

I offered him some food and thankfully, he ate it all up. But he was not interested in food (which is abnormal behaviour for Ginger).

Since he felt feverish and it was already Sunday evening (the vet was closed), I gave him Vetri DMG and Nutriplus Gel.

The fever could have come down after a few hours as he didn’t feel so warm anymore.

Ginger remained in this basket and the cage, and clearly, he did not look very well.

This morning, again, he did not come into the kitchen. But when I offered food, he ate it all up. Well, at least he can still eat, which means it probably isn’t SO bad.

But then we noticed something else now. There was a swelling on his forehead between his eyes. This only appeared this morning.

This was worrying. Could it be some internal bleeding?

I had to go to work, so my husband sent Ginger to the vet’s.

Upon checking, Ginger had a fever of 39.5 degrees. His weight had also dropped by 400g (but this could be a deliberate weight loss ever since I converted everyone to raw food). Ginger’s red and white blood cell counts were normal.

Two vets examined him and finally, the best guess is, there must have been a pin sized puncture wound on his forehead which resulted in the swelling (most likely bacterial infection). The vet said if it were anything internal, Ginger would be in a bad state by now.

Ginger was giving an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections. By tomorrow, we will start on oral antibiotics (7 days of Clavamox) and two days of anti-inflammatory medicine (liquid).

Once he got home, he seemed a little bit more “himself”. He was mewing again.

The swelling between his eyes, on the forehead. It makes him look like an Avatar person, doesn’t it?

He is moving around again and even greeted us when we came back.

Ginger, no more trips out. No more.

When I got back from work, Ginger came to the kitchen to ask for food. At last…

Get well soon, Ginger. And no more going out.

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