The raw deal- Heidi’s raw deal

It has been three days now that Heidi has been willing to eat an entire raw food meal all by herself.

Previously, she would only eat if the raw food was topped with some canned, or she would ask for a reward of canned food AFTER she finishes her raw food. Or, she would just outright reject the raw food and walk away.

It took a lot of patience, though.

Sometimes, just to encourage her, I would sit with her, and give her raw food spoonful by spoonful.

Her breakfast this morning – all raw. And she did not stay back to ask for a canned food reward after that.

I guess what did the trick was this digestive enzymes. I added a little bit to the raw food each time. Heidi will willingly eat only if I add this. If I don’t, she will wait for it.

It’s exactly like what it says: “Helps support diet change.”

Let’s hope it continues to work.

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