Indy’s food trials

The quest continues…

Indy has been back on ID ever since his loose stools started again. But this afternoon, things took a turn for the worse.

Right after a lunch of ID, Indy went straight to the sandpit and passed out a patch of very thick brown liquid. It reminds me of how we sometimes get diarrhoea where whatever we eat, the gut just rejects it and everything comes out.

So, that’s it with ID.  No more.

After about an hour, I steamed some chicken fillet with soup for him. Of course he liked it. Then, I monitored him. After an hour, I made a quick dash to the supermarket to get more chicken fillet and when I returned, Indy was at the window sill asking for some.

I took a risk and gave him a small amount of raw chicken fillet. That was at 3.17pm.

Then, Indy took a long nap until 6.40pm when he woke up and asked for food again. That was more than 3 hours of being able to retain the food without passing anything out.

I steamed some chicken with soup and fed him. After half an hour, he passed out some pasty stools. This time, there was some form but it was blood tinged with mucus again. At least it wasn’t liquid and it did not happen immediately after eating.

After an hour, I gave him some raw chicken fillet again.

I don’t know if he can retain this, but I sure hope he can. Otherwise, I’m really out of ideas.

It’s been more than an hour now, since the latest small meal of raw chicken fillet.

I have a hunch that perhaps his intestines need a rest so the simplest food might be good at this time. Bland food – plain and simple chicken fillet. I know it’s not balanced, but the whole idea now is to give him something that his intestines can retain. Otherwise, he would just be passing it all out and no nutrient will be absorbed, which is worse.

ID has many ingredients in it, so do the other foods, so we are trying plain bland food. It’s just a hypothesis, of course.

Of course that little bit of chicken fillet is not enough for him, so he kept asking for more.

Poor Indy.

I know you want more food, Indy, but you’ll have to wait for another hour or so.

I’m trying frequent small meals with the hope that he can retain the food. There is no point giving him a lot and having it all passed out.

I learnt that raw is more easily digestible than cooked because raw meat has enzymes to help with digestion.

Luckily I will be home tomorrow and also on Monday since it is a public holiday and I will be able to monitor Indy more closely.

Meanwhile, to distract him, we played.

Is this a case of detoxification, food allergy, food intolerance or what?  But, there are other possibilities too – Giardia? Campylobacter? But Indy has no fever, is still active and alert and he has an appetite.

So, let’s hope it is not any other more complicated infection.