A 4th shelter to be included and it’s all about gratitude

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/10/26/to-all-donors-an-important-announcement/

We would like to further elaborate on why the initial three shelters were chosen and now, a fourth one will be included in our stopgap to use up excess funds.

Through the years, these four shelters have helped us before and we are very grateful for their unconditional goodwill. Now that we have excess funds, we would very much like to reciprocate their kindness.

During our early years, we dabbled in rescue work. In December 2009, we did a Klang dog pound rescue and took out many dogs due to be euthanised. They were rehomed on a farm, but a few of them fell sick and needed to be brought back for treatment. We were in dire straits because we had nowhere to house these dogs. PAWS offered to let us board these sick dogs while we looked for homes for them: https://myanimalcare.org/2009/12/24/chicken-soup-for-the-ones-at-paws/. They helped us look after the dogs during that short and crucial period where we needed the boarding very desperately. The five dogs were Perky, Sweetie, Wendy, Russell and Roger. Finally, all we rehomed but Wendy stayed at two clinics for treatment for distemper. Sadly, she did not make it.
PAWS also helped us a lot in advice and support whenever we encountered various problems through the years.
We will always owe PAWS a big debt of gratitude especially during our early years when we lacked the experience of running a charity.
The petfood donation now is our small way of saying “thank you” to them.

Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary
In October 2018, when one of our long-time regular donors, Julia Chong, needed help to rescue a dog in a precarious area in Subang, despite his busy schedule, Mun Mun came all the way to help: https://myanimalcare.org/2018/10/21/a-dog-rescue-attempt/.  The attempt took all night. Even though it was not successful, we deeply appreciate the help rendered. Earlier on, two puppies were rescued from the same area and Mun Mun willingly took those two puppies to his shelter. We will always be very grateful for his help.

Imm’s Shelter
In March 2011, Imm’s Shelter was in dire straits: https://myanimalcare.org/2011/03/04/very-urgent-help-needed-for-59-cats-and-dogs/
At that time, we had flexible policies, so we were able to raise enough funds for her to keep her shelter afloat: https://myanimalcare.org/2011/03/04/updates-on-imms-shelter/
Through the years, Imm’s Shelter had kept in touch with us. In October 2018 when we launched our Double Charity Donation as a fundraising effort, Imm’s Shelter was one of the first to respond and the only shelter that participated in this programme by purchasing petfood from us on a monthly basis. It was their way of supporting us back. In a world where gratitude seems to be a forgotten virtue, we were very,very touched by this sincere gesture.
Now that we have excess funds, we would like to keep the goodwill going. Indeed, love makes the world go round.

CK Shelter (the 4th shelter to be included today)
CK Shelter is a private cat shelter located in Selangor. In our early years, their founder used to donate a very generous sum to us on a monthly basis. Many times whenever we published cats for adoption, their founder was the one who adopted these cats. Besides adopting cats from individual rescuers, there was also a time in 2014 when street feeders alerted us to colonies of cats that were in danger of being caught. As you all know, we cannot do any rescue UNLESS we can find a shelter for the animals. CK Shelter helped us take in all these cats.
These are just some of the many, many cats who have been given a forever home by CK Shelter when we publicised for help:
The list above is not exhaustive, there were many more cases.
So, it goes without saying that we DEFINITELY owe CK Shelter a huge debt of gratitude!
However, since CK Shelter is a private and self-funded shelter, we respect their request for privacy.

And this is why these four shelters have been selected to receive petfood from us now that we have excess funds to be used.

We are very grateful to them.

We wish to clarify that none of these shelters asked us for petfood. We are offering it to them as a gesture of gratitude from us. This petfood donation is from our excess funds and is only a stopgap because of the slowdown in neutering claims for this period. It will go on only when we have excess funds.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank some of our individual applicants who have been generously donating back to support us. There are a few of them, but allow us to mention two.

The first is a gentleman who only claimed from us for a very short period in 2013 when he first started out his CNRM work. After that, he donated back to us and even after he had “paid back” everything in full, he continued to donate to us until today. He also supports us in kind on a regular basis by offering advice and help which has been invaluable in the running of our charity. In fact, it was through his help that we were able to turn things around last year, identify the dishonest “agents” and put AnimalCare back on its CNRM track. For this, we will always be grateful.

The second is a lady whom we only helped once with a medical case way back in 2013. Her rescued dog needed TVT treatment, spleen surgery and neutering. At that time, we had the medical fund. Her dog recovered from the surgery and TVT treatment but sadly, she passed away a day after being spayed. We sponsored the medical bills and one of our donors paid for the cremation. Since then, this kind lady has been donating back to us on a monthly basis and it’s been 6 years and counting.

For both of these two kind and generous former applicants, what they gave back to us has been way more than what we had given them.

We are truly grateful for such goodwill and gratitude and it is because of this and the support of donors and friends that AnimalCare has lasted for 10 years now.

Thank you very much, everyone.

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