Bunny’s eye – to the vet’s

It’s been practically a month of frequent vet visits for us.

On Saturday night, Bunny got bullied by Indy. Indy has been taking it out on Bunny lately. I think perhaps Indy is a little moody because he hasn’t been getting his full meals, so he took it out on the easiest cat to bully – Bunny.

Before this, Indy had always been very kind to Bunny, knowing that he is 80% blind. Indy would let Bunny walk all over him, bump into him and he had never retaliated at all. It was always Cow who would fight with Bunny.

But this time, we are pretty sure it was Indy.

So, that night, Bunny couldn’t open his right eye. It had discharge and by Sunday, it was swollen. We cleaned it but that did not help. I was hoping it might get better by itself but by this morning, I knew a visit to the vet’s was warranted.

So, first thing this morning, we took him there. The vet checked his eye and it is an eye ulcer of moderate depth. It wasn’t superficial. That explains it. And the vet says it’s probably painful too.

Bunny needs a plasma eye gel and papase as an anti-inflammatory. For pain relief, I still have the Tramadol transdermal cream, so he needs 0.2ml of that twice a day.

It’s going to be a challenge applying the eye gel because it’s very viscous. Pilling Bunny is not a problem at all.

So, who poked Bunny in the eye?

It used to be Cow who always fought with Bunny but this time, I’m very sure it is not Cow.

This is the culprit.

Indy is known for his super-fast reactions and he is a sharp-shooter with his claws. A few years ago, he scratched Cow’s eye so badly that Cow needed eye surgery…twice.

Poor Bunny Bun Buns.

If Bunny rubs his eyes, he needs the e-collar.

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