Of cow grass, serai and Indy’s poop

How hard is it to buy cow grass?

We could only grow cow grass in Bunny’s Garden because of the spraying by Cow, Bunny and Indy. Pearl grass died. Even with cow grass, there are many bald patches because of the spraying. So, actually, no grass can survive their spraying!

So I went to the nursery today to buy cow grass to patch up the bald patches and was told that it would have to be specially ordered. They don’t keep stock. I guess so…who would go BUY cow grass when you can get it anywhere by the roadside, right?  Anyway, I ordered and it would arrive on Friday.

Instead, I bought serai for the cats.

We planted serai many times in the troughs here, but Cow, Bunny and Indy’s spraying killed them all.

So, they have to go out to the patio to eat Tabs’ serai each time. A few months back, Pole and Cleo used the four troughs as the “girls’ toilet” too. They didn’t want to share the sandpit with the boys. So we had the “boys’ toilet” and the “girls’ toilet”.

I thought I’d try planting serai for them again since they love it.

The moment Tabs smelled the serai, she came running in. Tabs LOVES serai. I think our cats prefer serai to wheatgrass.

Oh well, they ARE Malaysian cats, aren’t they?

Let’s hope they don’t kill it again.

It was while I was replanting the serai that I saw Indy going to the sandpit to poop. This time, he used back his old spot.

I saw him doing it so it’s definitely, without a doubt, his poop. This would be 26 hours after the previous one (yesterday).

Aside from the blood, it has form. It’s still quite soft, though. But I think it’s already an improvement. This is the output after 26 hours where he ate 8 meals (some were small meals). I think that’s not too bad. There should not be so much poop, though, since he is on raw food, so I think his digestion and absorption are still not that good. But the consolation is that there has been no weight loss (I weigh him daily). I hope this means there is no protein loss.

From another angle and to check that that’s the only spot of blood.

Here is a comparison:

I did not take a photo of yesterday’s poop but it was somewhere in between the two in form and texture.

My apologies to everyone who might be disturbed by these pictures. It’s actually for my own records but I thought some pet parents might be interested too.

Is there a light at the end of this dark tunnel yet?

I don’t dare say yet.

Today is subcut day for Bunny, Indy and Pole. Cleo is spared because hers has been downgraded to once a week now. I can handle Bunny, Indy and Pole’s subcut single-handedly. But not Cleo’s! I need help with that and the most effective is when someone keeps praising her for being the prettiest cat in the whole world – that’s what it takes to make her stay still and not struggle during subcut. Talk about being vain?

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  • Yen Ling

    Totally understand the importance of good poo. A signifier of good health! I check everyone’s poo daily. Get well soon, Indy and don’t be a bully!