Indy, after one day on Metrogyl

I started Indy on Metrogyl (Metronidazole) yesterday. It was not exactly an easy decision because as far as possible, we would like to avoid the use of antibiotics. However, I think this problem has gone on for too long and we have tried natural remedies and other methods that avoided the use of antibiotics.

While naturopath-friends say I should let Indy’s body resolve the problem by itself, I don’t have the heart to go on seeing him pass out blood-tinged loose stools every day. It’s been too long already.

The vet did put him on Clavamox (a broad spectrum antibiotic) for one week earlier on and the stools were firm but only during that one week. Two days after we finished the Clavamox, the blood-tinged loose stools came back.

We have tried various probiotics, digestive enzymes, pumpkin, Slippery Elm, S.Boulardii (a specific probiotic for intestinal problems) but none of them or a combination of them were able to solve the problem. He would just get well for awhile and the problem would return.

So, we are trying Metrogyl now. It’s a more specific antibiotic for intestinal problems including Giardiasis. It is supposed to destroy the anaerobic bacteria. The vet thinks there is already an overgrowth of bacteria in Indy’s gut.

I read up on all the possible side effects on Metrogyl and believe me, they are very scary. Thankfully, it’s only a short course of 6 days. Still, I am a little apprehensive and I am still worried that some of the side effects might happen to Indy.

Today is only Day 2 so it’s too early to tell if there are side effects.

Yesterday, Indy was able to take long naps in between meals. Was he lethargic (one of the possible side effects) or was he just comfortable, it’s hard to tell. But we noticed he stopped bullying the other cats and is not as fidgety as he was previously. Otherwise, he would be picking a fight with Cow and/or Bunny (that’s how Bunny’s eye got injured).

Indy’s appetite was very good yesterday (one of the side effect is a decrease of appetite, which was a huge concern for me). He kept asking for food. He is back to his 2% of ideal weight portions, but I do give him a bit extra when he asks for food.

I watched him defecate at 5.55am this morning. The stools were still soft, but has some form. The last defecation was at 12.30pm yesterday. Indy ate a lot yesterday (more than his allotted portion), so if this is the stool output after 18 hours, I hope it means much of the food is absorbed by the body.

Indy is on Metrogyl, S.Boulardii, Vetri DMG and B12. The S.Boulardii is given at least 2 hours after the Metrogyl (according to a write-up, S.Boulardii is not destroyed by antibiotics). The B12 is given on alternate days.

Vitamin B12 is crucial to the health of your cat’s immune system, nervous system, and digestive tract. It’s essential for healthy cognitive function. In addition, B12 assists in your cat’s digestion.

I hope this combination works.

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