Indy’s Day 3 on Metrogyl

It looked promising today. His morning stools were firmer already, but it is still not back to normal. Of course we know it would definitely take time. He has been having loose stools for more than 2 months now.

I would say that it’s slightly better than yesterday’s.

However, we had a setback at mid-morning when he passed out very loose stools that were blood-tinged. I found two patches of this. This is most likely due to the change of food given this morning. He was willing to eat the new food and I thought the protein rotation might be good for him.

It was definitely a wrong call. Even though it’s been one week that he had been on raw chicken fillet and Cubgrub’s Chicken, looks like it’s just too soon to introduce a new food.

So, no more change of food. We will just stick with raw chicken fillet and Cubgrub’s Chicken.

Hopefully this is just an isolated incident.

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