A subcut session

Saturday is the day where all four of them get their subcut.

I was home alone so it had to be a single-handed job.


Pole’s. Surprisingly she was very calm today.

Bunny Bun Buns – the easiest to handle.

He takes a nap during subcut.

I can even do a bottle change midway, so I time it such that the bottle change only happens when it’s Bunny’s turn.

This is because one bottle is 500ml and Bunny, Indy and Cleo need 200ml each while Pole needs 150ml. But Bunny and Indy need it twice weekly, Pole needs it three times weekly while Cleo’s is once a week. So no matter how you do the math, so as not to waste the fluids, a midway bottle change will be required every now and then. I will time it during Bunny’s turn.

Me? You want to do me? Get an assistant first!

Yes, we did Cleo early this morning before my husband went to work. Two people are needed for Cleo because one has to administer the subcut (that would be me) while the other has to face her and praise her nonstop during the entire process (that would be husband). That is the only way she would keep still and not react like someone is trying to kill her. You don’t have to hold her down, you just have to praise her…to her face. Something to the tune of “You are the most beautiful cat in the world, no one is as beautiful as you, you are also the cleverest, etc., etc.”

What to do? That’s a Calico cat for you.

Thank goodness hers has been reduced to once a week!

Me no subcut. 

2 comments to A subcut session


    Dear Dr. Chan,

    Do u administer the fluids through one injection site? I am due to give my cat a subcut later today. He needs 160ml and the vet told me to give it on two sites so as not to ‘overload’ the area? Another vet i consulted said i could just give it from one site.