Will the real Indy-poop please stand up?

I came home today and found really nice, healthy looking and firm stools NEAR Indy’s spot again. I scooped it up and took photos, hoping like crazy that it is indeed Indy’s poop.

Today is Day 6 of the Metronidazole.

Then, I fed everyone. Indy only wants to eat raw chicken fillet now. He doesn’t want to even touch Cubgrub. Looks like I would eventually have to slowly transition him back to Cubgrub again since he cannot go on chicken fillet for the long term. It isn’t balanced. But for now, he gets whatever he wants.

Eating something is better than not eating anything, especially when the something is raw meat. At least it isn’t reverting to canned or kibble.

Then, after 20 minutes after the meal, from the kitchen, I noticed Indy pooping at the sandpit.

I rushed out to observe and yes, it’s his, for sure. 100% this time.

Indy was just walking away from the sandpit.

And he has changed his spot, shifted down to the right, but just a little.

Well, that’s his poop today, on the right. It’s still soft and has a tiny bit of blood tinge at the end.

Yes, the bubble is burst and we are back on earth now. I knew the normal poop at the “mystery spot” was too good to be true.

But it’s okay, at least the poop has some form. It used to be worse than this.

Meanwhile, I managed to get Indy to eat one teaspoon of Cubgrub this evening. He has to be transitioned back to Cubgrub already by now. The raw chicken fillet isn’t balanced.

This morning, I gave Indy small meals to prevent another bout of vomiting. I used the tips from this website: https://www.foodfurlife.com/my-cat-is-vomiting—what-do-i-do.html#/

Adjusting meal times in combination with putting the stomach acid/bile to work is usually all it takes to resolve overnight (or between-meal) acid vomiting,  and breakfast (or other) meal regurgitation. Add a third (or fourth) meal, make the last meal later, and if possible, the first meal earlier. And/or try giving your kitty a few freeze dried meat treats overnight if you can, and certainly 15 – 20 minutes before the first meal of the day or the problem meal. These simple steps are usually all it takes to resolve the problem!

There’s 4 more days of Metronidazole after which will be the real test. How much of the healthy flora would the 10 days of antibiotics have destroyed? How will we build back this flora? How long would it take for the intestines to readjust back to “normal”? And in the first place, what IS normal for Indy? Would S.Boulardii be enough or would he need digestive enzymes or more bacteria-based probiotics. So far, Indy has refused to take these when added to his food. He has no choice with the Boulardii because it’s a capsule. Those are questions we will address after the 10 days is over.

I’m now giving him one-and-a-half dose of S.Boulardii. I’ve also read that S.Boulardii can be given up to a month so we will most likely continue with that together with the B12. S.Boulardii is a yeast-probiotic and B12 is a vitamin.

We shall take it one day at a time.


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