Bunny 100% Bright Eyes

Bunny finished his plasma eye gel on Sunday and since then, we’ve noticed that besides healing the eye ulcer (inflicted by Indy in a fight – in the right eye), Bunny’s eyesight seemed to have improved as well!

Bunny was declared 80% blind some years back and this has been confirmed by two vets. He also often bumps into things, but generally he is still able to navigate his way around because of his sense of smell.

But since Sunday, we have noticed that Bunny is able to avoid objects which were in his path and he even ducked to avoid a low dangling cable.

We thought of using the remainder of the plasma eye gel on his other eye (this is the one with the discharge problem – the one on the left), but Bunny absolutely hates the eye gel so rather than stress him out, we will just continue with his Ophtal supplement.

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