Indy: another setback

Indy has been refusing to eat even a little bit of Cubgrub for two days now and I was worried that he wasn’t getting enough of a balanced diet, so last night, I tried a bit of Primal for him, which he happily ate.

This morning, I found loose stools in the sandpit.

Looks like it’s still too early to introduce any “other” food to him. He has been on chicken fillet for 10 days now, with just the occasional one teaspoon of Cubgrub which I have to coax him to eat.

He also doesn’t eat his chicken fillet with gusto anymore. I guess he’s getting fed-up of the same food too. But poor guy. It looks like his stomach or intestines still cannot tolerate any “complicated” food yet.

However, he has gained weight. He now weighs 5.8kg. My concern is that raw chicken fillet is not balanced. I’ll just have to coax him to eat a little bit of Cubgrub every day. It’s back to square one of transitioning him….again. Indy was one of the tough cookies in the transition.

And he is getting very mischievous as well.

This is his “secret” window-sill eating spot, but now, instead of eating, he uses it as an escape route to get to the patio to play.

He is more interested in getting out than to eat.

This morning, Cleo and Indy were quarreling over the grass.

Cleo wanted to eat the grass too.

I would really have to plant more of it!

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