Transitioning Indy….again

Ten days on raw chicken fillet is long enough. I have to transition Indy back to Cubgrub.

Since he could not tolerate Primal from yesterday, Cubgrub is his only choice of balanced food.

So, it took a lot of patience today, but with every raw chicken meal, I sat with him and coaxed him to eat a teaspoon of Cubgrub. Spoon by spoon, I managed to increase it to three teaspoons by lunch time.

It’s more difficult now because we cannot use the window sill anymore. Indy uses it as an escape route and Ginger jumps up to hound him and demand for chicken fillet too. So, I have to feed Indy in Bunny’s Room and there is too much distraction because everyone else comes round to look at him, “Why are you getting special meals? What are you eating? Can we try some too?”

Today is Day 8 of Metronidazole. Another two more days and then we see the real test, ie. if the stools become soft and pasty again. So far, it’s getting firmer but we had a setback because I gave him some Primal yesterday and he could not tolerate it.

I sure hope that Cubgrub will be the food that he can tolerate. If he cannot, then I really don’t know what else to feed him anymore. He cannot go on raw chicken fillet for the long term.

So far, what works for others does not seem to work for him. We have tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, pumpkin and Slippery Elm. None of those worked. I’m banking on S.Boulardii (the yeast-probiotic). Once Indy finishes the antibiotics, he would only have S.Boulardii, Vetri DMG and Vitamin B12.

I hope this combination works.

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