A heartwarming bird story

On 16th October 2019, I received this email from a kind young man, Kim Wee:

I got your contact from your book “Pawprints on my heart.” I am writing to you because I am in need of help to rescue a bird and its eggs. The bird, which looks like a quail, built its nest on the bonnet of my father’s car and laid two eggs a few days ago (please see the attached pictures). We live in Subang Jaya and the car is parked there. I was wondering if you, or anyone you know, could offer us some assistance in relocating the bird and its eggs safely, as we have no experience in handling animals. I am afraid I will do more harm than good if I do not know the proper way of doing it, as the eggs are very fragile and the bird is quite fearful of humans.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly offer us some advice and assistance. Thank you.

As I had never been successful in handling birds nor do I have any knowledge of them, I referred Kim Wee to Ms Joey Quah, who has good experience and knowledge in birds.

According to Joey, it’s the eggs of a spotted dove, commonly known as the Cuckoo Bird. The best would be not the move the nest at all and allow the mother-bird to continue looking after her eggs until they hatch. Joey also advised Kim Wee what to feed the mother-bird.

Kim Wee followed all the advice and the car was not moved at all.

On 1st November 2019, Kim Wee was delighted that the eggs hatched and produced two lovely baby birds.

Here are some photos:

Growing up!

Mother and her two babies.

On 5th November, the two baby birds flew off and according to Joey, they will not return to the nest.

Have a great life, birdies!!

Thank you so much to Kim Wee and Ms Joey Quah for making this miracle of life possible!!

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