It’s Cubgrub for Indy

I woke up this morning, checked the sandpit and found NO stools. I hope this means that the mishap yesterday was just a one-off pasty-stool episode and Indy managed to overcome that on his own.

As I was preparing breakfast for everyone, I saw Indy go to the sandpit, so I quickly went out to observe.

Okay, so now I can confirm 100% that this is Indy’s stool and Indy’s poo-spot.  I waited with bated breath to see the stools. 

Well, it is a slight improvement from yesterday’s. It’s still soft and blood-tinged (see yellow arrow), but at least it’s not pasty or runny. And, it has some form too. It’s also a small volume (he ate quite a lot yesterday), so this means most of the food is absorbed.

For the last three days, Indy’s stool output has been once a day. I’ll take this as a “win” over the 2-3 times a day episodes previously or the shooting diarrhoea! I have also noticed that if he is solely on raw chicken fillet and Cubgrub, the stool output is less, which is all good. The food is absorbed.

After days of coaxing him to eat Cubgrub, this morning, Indy’s breakfast consisted of 50% Cubgrub and 50% raw chicken. The improvement is that instead of going for the raw chicken, Indy went for the Cubgrub first.

Previously, he would walk away if there was Cubgrub. I had to put raw chicken in a clean bowl first, let him finish it, then talk him into eating a teaspoon of Cubgrub. From one teaspoon, it graduated to three teaspoons. Now, it’s 50-50.

Indy is still on one-and-a-half dosage of the S.Boulardii and I’m contemplating increasing it to double because it was recommended that if the diarrhoea has resolved but there are still “cow patty stools”, a double dosage might work. I’m still thinking if I should.

It can be given at “therapeutic” doses as discussed above twice a day (and doubled if you see improvement in stool but diarrhea or soft cow patty stools have not resolved).

Today is Day 9 of the Metronidazole.

Tomorrow will be the last day, and then, the real test begins.

In the background, Cleo is eating grass. She seems to love this Malaysian grass too!


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