Why did Indy call?

Indy made the dinner call at 4.30pm. It was too early, but he kept calling.

So, I gave him food and because of that, everyone else also had their dinner very early today. However, Indy wasn’t too keen to eat, but since I had already cut the chicken fillet and prepared this food, I coaxed him to eat and he did.

At 5.30pm, Indy kept calling again.

He cannot be hungry so soon, can he?

So I went in and see what he wanted.

That’s when Indy led me out of Bunny’s Room, and naturally, I looked towards the sandpit.

I couldn’t see anything there except for a fly sitting on his spot, so I took the poop-scoop and checked.

Buried in the sand was some rather soft and pasty stools.


It wasn’t as well-formed as the one in the morning.

Are we taking a step back?

Or did I feed him too early and therefore, too much?  Hence, the pasty stools?

I’ll admit that Indy has been eating more than his fair share of 2% because I was worried his absorption isn’t as good, so I over-compensated by feeding him more.

I think I should not over-compensate anymore since Indy has actually gained weight.

We will go back to the 3 square meals from now on.

So, were the pasty stools already there at 4.30pm or produced only after the early dinner (because he ate too much)?

I won’t know for sure.

But I think Indy was trying to tell me that there were pasty stools in the sandpit.

We’ve planted more of the Malaysian grass. Indy and Cleo seem to like it very much.

I hope you will somehow get well soon, Indy.

I think I also know who the mystery pooper is, the one who has been pooping well-formed stools near Indy’s spot.

It’s Cow Mau.

He’s our most sensitive and all-knowing cat. It’s him. I saw him there at the sandpit.


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