Neutering aid for 3 dogs in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s) and Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM450 for the neutering of these 3 female dogs.

Mr Liew has also provided updates of the 2 previous dogs he claimed from us (please see below).  Bibi was bald when first rescued, now he has grown fur!

As previously shared with you, my work place is within the Balakong industrial area and there itself has numerous strays. I feed them every day and am considering to help spay them as they are breeding uncontrollably. I would like to apply for the Project-based application and hopeful that’ll be something Animal Care be able to aid me in.
Previous 2 dogs:

Kindly find the attached image of the rescued dogs on Mar 2019 and Apr 2019.
They are in great condition and are being fed daily.
Yes, that’s correct. Bibi used to be, I believe just a puppy of around 6-7 months old when I took him for neutering. Now he is in his adolescent stage 😊
I am feeding Wong and Bibi is fed by Mr Chua Chee Meng. Despite being fed by Mr Chua, I am constantly monitoring Bibi and keeping myself in check with Mr Chua as my workplace is only a few blocks away from his.
Thank you Dr.

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