The raw deal – introducing Duck for protein rotation and more about Indy

I bought a jar of Cubgrub Duck today and tried it on the gang.

As expected, Ginger thought it was cat cuisine, guzzled it all up and asked for more. Last week, he did the same with Quail too. So, as of now, Ginger already has three proteins – Chicken, Quail and Duck!

As for the rest, Bunny and Cleo ate the Duck too, but the rest did not. However, Pole was willing to eat her usual Chicken from a bowl that had a teeny weeny bit of Duck removed from it (without washing the bowl) while Heidi was willing to eat her Chicken with a teaspoon of Duck beside it (but refused to touch the Duck).

Tabs demanded for a fresh clean bowl before she would eat her Chicken.

Cow and Indy thought it wasn’t food, they only wanted their Chicken.

Transitioning to a new protein is no easy task but at least three of them ate it this time (as compared to Quail which only Ginger ate!).

This is the new food.

Ginger absolutely loves it. In fact, I am very sure he loves Quail and Duck more than Chicken.

My biggest surprise was that Cleo also liked it. Normally she is the fussiest cat and she always thinks someone is trying to poison her when it comes to any new taste.

Bunny liked it and asked for more than his 2% allotted portion (I gave in). Indy won’t touch it. But Indy ate a full meal of Cubgrub Chicken today without the raw chicken fillet as incentives.

I was hoping Heidi would eat it because I’m still looking for a second protein for her, but no. However, she did not mind the presence of one teaspoon of it in her bowl of Chicken.

Later, we went out for dinner and when we returned, I found a spot of liquid stools in the sandpit. It’s most likely Indy’s. Or Cleo’s because she had a new food?

I wasn’t sure until now when I found well-formed stools in Cleo’s spot, so we are almost sure the liquid stools came from Indy. Looks like his digestive system isn’t ready to go fullscale on Cubgrub yet. We would either still have to go on 50-50 or as Lin Li suggested, I could try following this guide: and add 5% chicken liver and add taurine powder, bone meal (for calcium) and Vit E to Indy’s raw chicken to make it more balanced. That would already be like making my own raw food for Indy only without grinding it.

I already have the taurine powder, bone meal and Vit E powder mixture. Previously, I used to add this to Heidi’s canned food to make it more balanced.

Just now, Indy asked for food, so I added this 3-spice powder to his raw chicken fillet.  Initially he refused to eat it, but later, he relented.

Tomorrow, I will buy chicken liver and hearts, and add the 5% portion to this raw chicken. Liver and heart have taurine.

Looks like I’m making raw food for Indy now….

I hope I get the percentages right….

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