What will work, Indy?

Today is Day 10 of the Metronidazole (the last day).

I’ve come to a point where I don’t know what will work for Indy’s loose stools anymore.

What works for others somehow does not work for him: Pumpkin, Slippery Elm Bark, disgestive enzymes, probiotics, etc.  Dr Pitcairn even writes that Slippery Elm Bark is “an excellent treatment for diarrhoea from any cause” and I’ve read so many good reviews on it too. But it did not work for Indy. It’s also touted to be THE treatment for mucus and blood in the stools. Again, it did not work for Indy. Pumpkin and probiotics are supposed to work too, but they didn’t help Indy as well.

Indy’s stools were actually firming up for a few days, but yesterday, we had a setback again where his stools turned pasty (again). I thought it was because he ate too much. So I didn’t give him anymore food from 4.30pm yesterday until this morning. And this morning, I found pasty stools covered in mucus. I’m sure it wasn’t due to the rain too. Rain cannot create a coating of mucus over the stools. I went out to scoop despite the heavy rain because I wanted to see the consistency of the stools before the rain altered it further. There was definitely a layer of mucus on it.

Perhaps that’s just the way it is for Indy. Maybe his stools are “just like that”.

He doesn’t appear to be sick; he is active, alert, still plays with his bell-balls and he zooms around the place. He has a good appetite and has in fact, gained weight.

So, maybe I should just let him be.

Bright lights!  Bright lights!

Playing with his bell-balls.

I think it’s enough antibiotics for now. We have given it a chance. I’m just relieved that he did not get any of the side effects of Metronidazole.

Maybe it’s time now to let his intestines build back the healthy flora and see what follows after this.

Of course I’ve asked the vet for advice, but meanwhile, I think it’s safe to keep Indy on S.Boulardii, Vetri DMG and Vitamin B12.

Maybe it’s giardiasis after all and it takes time for the body to overcome this problem.  But at least we’ve given a chance for Metronidazole to address the “bacteria overgrowth” hypothesis.

Or maybe Indy is just being Indy. Every time he got sick in the past, no vet would know exactly what was wrong with him. And somehow, after various trials, he would eventually get well and even after that, nobody knew what was wrong with him in the first place!

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