Indy’s homemade raw food

I call it “Fillet Plus”.

Thanks to Lin Li who suggested that I make our own balanced raw food for Indy, I tried it today. and Indy ate it!!

We don’t know which ingredient in Cubgrub Indy has an adverse reaction to, but we strongly suspect it is either the fish oil or the egg yolk.  Or is it because it is grinded?

We really don’t know!

Indy has so far been doing quite well on raw chicken fillet. He was okay with 50-50 raw chicken and Cubgrub but still cannot tolerate a full Cubgrub meal (it led to liquid stools). However, raw chicken alone is not balanced, so Lin Li taught me how to balance it. Last night, I added our own 3-spice powder (taurine powder, bone meal for calcium and dry Vit E powder). I’m short of the B Complex but that tablet really smells, so I shall skip that for now.

This morning, I bought chicken liver and hearts and added it to make up 5%-10% of the meal. That would be the organs that is needed for balancing the meal. I weighed it for the percentage. The fillet, liver and heart are all just cut with the scissors and it’s quite easy to prepare. Nothing is grinded.

Indy was very happy eating it. He has always loved chicken liver all his life and we used to call him the “vampire”. He likes to lick blood too. Ugh….

So, now I’m waiting for his stool output to see if he can tolerate our very own Fillet Plus.  I was also worried that the liver might cause shooting diarrhoea, but so far… hasn’t happened.


Organs also are rich in B vitamins, so I hope this takes care of the B Complex and I won’t have to add that smelly tablet into the meal!

The fillet will be the muscle meat, the liver and heart are the organs and the bone meal is the bone component. I’ve tried chicken wings and chicken necks before but none of our cats know how to eat those!

Last night, I gave Indy a double dose of the S.Boulardii. There were no loose stools detected this morning. It is 12.30pm now.

Taking a nap after his first meal of Fillet Plus!

I really, really hope this food is suitable for his stomach.

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