Indy’s news

This morning, I did not find any liquid stools or any stool in Indy’s poo-spot, but it’s still early.

Indy finished his Metronidazole yesterday and the vet confirms that we will not be continuing with it (which is a relief).

I ended up giving Indy a double dosage of the S.Boulardii yesterday, divided into four half-doses spread out throughout the day. The website says one method is to “flush the system” with S.Boulardii, so I’m trying this now.

Today would be a day of checking the sandpit and monitoring his stools.

For breakfast, Indy had raw chicken fillet with his 3-spice powder (taurine, bone meal and Vit E). I put a tiny bit of Cubgrub beside his food, but he avoided it. Maybe he knows what he can or cannot eat, so I will respect that.

In my discussion with Lin Li, we are trying to identify which supplement Indy may have a reaction to and we narrowed it down to the (1) fish oil or (2) half-boiled egg yolk. That is why Lin Li suggested that I make my own raw food for Indy now, but add the 3-spice powder and add liver and hearts to make it more balanced. If Indy can tolerate this, it could be the fish oil or egg yolk which he reacts adversely to.

Food elimination isn’t an easy task, but let’s hope we can successfully identify the supplement that he cannot ingest.

Back to the window sill now.

My weekend will be spent checking for stools!

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