The raw deal – the boycott

Yesterday, Ginger, Cleo and Bunny were the willing eaters of the new protein – Duck.

This morning, it was back to Chicken for everyone but Cleo and Ginger decided to stage a boycott.

“We want Duck, We want Duck, We want Duck!”, they chimed.

But I had already frozen the remaining portion of Duck for another day, so it wasn’t possible to defrost it immediately. Also, Duck isn’t supposed to be their staple food.

So, everyone ate their Chicken except Ginger and Cleo.

It took some patience and time, but I finally managed to get Cleo to eat the Chicken.

But Ginger?

No, I wasn’t as lucky with Mr Kiasu @ Mr Jual Mahal.

It reminded me of the days when I was transitioning him to raw food. He would keep whining and walk in and out of the kitchen and every food I offered was “wrong”.

No, wrong, wrong, wrong….I want Duck. I want exotic cuisine. 

I managed to get him to just lick some Chicken and that’s about it.

He’s decided to go on protesting, so I’m letting him protest…until the next meal.

Transitioning to a new protein is just as challenging as transitioning from the previous “rojak diet” to 100% raw. I was so happy when Bunny, Cleo and Ginger were willing to eat the Duck. Little did I know that two of them would end up demanding for Duck today!

As for Bunny? Bunny eats whatever is served.

You’re a good boy, Bunny.

As of now, I have the following raw proteins for them. The Primal Turkey on the list is only as sprinkles, not as a full meal yet.
Cow – Chicken, Primal Turkey
Bunny – Chicken, Primal Turkey, Duck
Pole – Chicken, Primal Turkey
Cleo – Chicken, Primal Turkey, Duck
Indy – Chicken only
Ginger – Chicken, Quail, Duck, Primal Turkey
Tabs – Chicken, Primal Turkey
Heidi – Chicken only

I need to work on Heidi. As for Indy, it looks like we have a long way to go on the loose stools.

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