Not trichomonosis or coccidiosis

Ok, the vet said it’s not trichomonosis or coccidiosis. So, we have ruled these two out. She suspects it is a immune mediated bowel disease. We did not have time to discuss as this was through text messages.

I guess that sounds like an autoimmune condition.

Typical Indy – baffling the vets.

Meanwhile, life goes on….

Spot on, Indy!

I guess I should just be thankful that Indy is energetic, happy, playful, curious, has a good appetite, has not lost weight, is able to take long naps, is able to urinate with no problems (yes, we all take this for granted sometimes).

It’s just those bloody stools!!  And no, that was not an expletive, I meant that literally.

So, never mind. There is nothing more we can do anyway.

Indy had a good lunch just now and he is zooming around the room and garden now, playing.