Indy’s midnight cover-up plan

I waited all day for Indy to poop but he did not and by 11.30pm last night, I was totally konked out and simply had to go to sleep.

This morning, I found a mound at the sandpit – it’s Indy’s, I know. By now, I know all his spots. Cleo sticks to one spot and so does Cow. The rest of the sandpit is Indy’s.

I tried my best to clear off the sand gently to try and locate the stools, but that was quite impossible.  Based on whatever I could find, I think there is one piece of partially formed stool and I’m assuming the rest could have been watery like the day before. I did not see any blood, though, but then it rained and it could have been more than 5 hours before I found it, so I cannot say for certain that there was no blood.

If Indy continues this pattern of pooping after midnight, it’s going to be extremely hard for me to monitor his stools.

Maybe he just doesn’t want me to worry….

Maybe he is trying to say, “Look, I’m fine, I have good appetite, I’m active, alert, I’m playing.  I just have loose stools, that’s all. Don’t worry. Live life one day at a time.” 

The above is totally anthropomorphising to the hilt, I know.

We’ve already explored so many possibilities and we still don’t know what it causing the loose stools. Maybe it IS time to live life one day at a time….

Anyway, I think it could be the steroids working, but Indy has very good appetite now. He already had good appetite before the steroids, though.  Now, it’s even better.

The purpose of trying the steroids is to address any inflammation that Indy might have in his gut. The vet’s closest hypothesis now is that it’s a immune mediated large intestine problem and most likely there is inflammation there. Hence, the steroids. We are only trying this for 10 days.

Indy had his usual window-sill meal today, then he asked for more when the rest ate. I gave him some Cubgrub. I’ve been slowly reintroducing Cubgrub back to his diet now. Very, very small amounts at a time. As Dr Karen Becker advised, for animals who have a sensitive gut, the introduction of any food change must be done very, very slowly. But actually, Cubgrub isn’t new to Indy. He’s always had it during the days of the rojak diet of semua-mau-semua-taruh.

I figured that if we just cannot find the cause of the loose stools and no matter what I feed him, he would still have loose stools, then I might as well feed him Cubgrub which is a balanced and complete diet based on Dr Lisa Pierson’s recipe. If we don’t trust Dr Pierson, a vet who has done extensive research on cat nutrition and is a cat parent herself, then who else can we trust?

Everyone else is on Cubgrub and they are all doing fine.

Indy joins the rest for breakfast. I gave him two teaspoons of Cubgrub.

Tabs is here because she just had to come in to eat serai so that she could vomit out a large hairball. Smart girl.

Indy’s nap after his meals.

I just hope that if he is able to sleep soundly, it means he’s not in any discomfort.


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