A change in Indy

Yesterday was the last of the coccidia medication. Indy hated it very much and would froth for minutes after taking it. Luckily it was only for 3 days. This is to cover our bases, just in case it’s a coccidia infection.

But since the coccidia medication yesterday, even after a few hours, Indy didn’t feel like eating. Normally, he would have a ravenous appetite. I thought it was because of the bitterness of the coccidia medication.

However, until today, he still doesn’t seem to have a good appetite.

And he also doesn’t want his Fillet Plus anymore. He only wants pure chicken fillet and had to be coaxed to eat it.

He refused his Fillet Plus and it took me awhile to figure out that all he wanted was pure chicken fillet with nothing added. Even then, he would stare at the food for awhile before eating it.

He didn’t want the bone broth either. But again, after staring at it for awhile and with some coaxing, he drank it willingly on his own. I managed to get him to drink 1-2 tablespoons each time.

Maybe he is tired of all this “hospital food”?

Yesterday, he wasn’t happy during subcut too and I only managed to do 150ml.

What changed?

It’s just the 3-day course of the coccidia medication and so far, 3 days of steroids. I know steroids are supposed to increase appetite, but could it be that it has the reverse effect on Indy?

Steroids is also supposed to make the patient happy, but it seems to have the reverse effect on Indy as well. He seems more quiet and isn’t playing or zooming around.

As for this stools, even this changed.

Today, on two occasions, I found tiny bits of soft stool buried in the sand. Because I didn’t witness the defecation, I don’t know if it was accompanied by any liquid diarrhoea. I only found tiny bits of soft stool.

Previously, the stool volume was much more.

What’s happening?

With Indy, it’s always a mystery….

Maybe Indy just doesn’t feel so well today. Hopefully, this will pass.

Well, at least he is still able to eat on his own.

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