An analysis for Indy

I’m just writing these observations for my own records.

New medication in the last 3 days: (1) Steroids (2) Coccidia medication (finished)

What changed?

Not so good:
(1) Decreased appetite, not so interested in food.
(2) Not as active as before.
(3) Not willing to eat a balanced meal, only wants pure chicken fillet.
(4) Not so interested in bone broth, but will drink after some coaxing.

Could be good:
(1) Only small bits of faeces.
(2) Colour of faeces is back to darker brown, not light brown.
(3) Less blood in the faeces. Back to streaks.

To be thankful for:
(1) Indy is still willing to eat, with some coaxing. No need for force-feeding (I will not do this too at this point in time).
(2) Indy still takes long naps after meals. So, he is able to rest well.

Let’s hope this is just a temporary setback.

His usual long nap after lunch.

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