Indy Jones bounces back!

I was rather worried the change in Indy’s demeanor earlier but by 5pm there was thunderstorm, Indy seemed much better.

Despite the thunderstorm, he asked for food and he ate quite a bit.

Then, at 7.30pm just now, when we came home after dinner, Indy was at the grille, calling out for food.

Since had already eaten a full meal at 5pm, I just gave him a tablespoon of Cubgrub and he ate it all up!

Earlier, at 5pm…

Eating his fillet with liver.

He finished it all during the thunderstorm when others (except Bunny) were too scared to eat.

I am thankful that our vet is very concerned about Indy and is doing her very best to find out what is wrong with Indy (if at all that is even possible, given how mysterious Indy’s condition seems to be) and provide all the support that he needs.

The vet said that since Indy’s creatinine has dropped down to 115 (from the previous 173), we can stop the subcut for now and recheck in a month’s time.

This is good. One less cat to do subcut for!

Sitting up straight and on full alert!

I think he must have had some tummy discomfort earlier in the day. I’m glad that’s over now. What a relief!