Mr Kiasu’s many issues

Mr Kiasu has many, many (unnecessary) issues.

He used to have total free access to the whole house, but months ago, he started spraying on all the cushions and we ended up washing cushions and cushion covers on a daily basis. And the problem is, we won’t know he has sprayed on them until we use the cushions!

So now, he gets limited access to the house. However, the entire patio belongs to him.

But I like the cushions….

And he also has eating issues.

When Indy had to eat chicken fillet, Ginger wanted chicken fillet too.

When Indy ate from the window sill, Ginger wanted to eat there as well. The nearest he got was at the kitchen counter, but he would spray there as well.

Then, Heidi had a mishap (after eating boiled chicken), so she had to be on NaturVet’s digestive enzymes for a few days to get her back to raw food. Ginger sniffed this out and he too refused to eat his food until I sprinkled digestive enzymes on it!

But you don’t need digestive enzymes, Ginger!!

Ginger: But I want!

Why must you have everything that others have even when you don’t need it, Ginger?

I thought only humans had greed!!

Do you want Indy’s coccidia medicine? It’s extremely bitter and Indy absolutely hates it? Thank goodness it was only for three days and we finished it yesterday.

Ginger: Medicine?? Er…no, but I want subcut (it looks fun), can I have subcut? 


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