Neutering aid for 2 cats in Puchong and Updates

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 cats.

Ms Ho has also provided a very detailed update on all the previous cats (below) since 2017. Thank you, Ms Ho. We truly appreciate your kind cooperation for accountability and transparency to our donors.

I would like to apply neutering aids for one male cat and one female cat.
They are stray cats at my apartment, I brought them to neuter on 11/11, the male was released on 14/11, while the female will be release after fully recovered.
I’ll take care of them and feed them.

Thank you.

Ho Yeow Lee

Previous cats:

These are the updates of the 20 cats I brought to neuter using the aid from AnimalCare, 10 of them were rehome, 2 deceased and 8 are strays I’m feeding.
1.TuZiMao (Feb 2017) : rehome
2.Tabby female (March 2017): rehome
3.Malao (May 2017): rehome
4.Kokmao (May 2017): stray, in care
5.Marble (July 2017): deceased
6.BianFuMao (July 2017): stray, in care
7.Ahpek (Oct 2017): deceased
8.Sanhua (Dec 2017): rehome
9.XiaoPengYou (Dec 2017): rehome
10.LoMong (Jan 2018): rehome
11.HuLi (May 2018): rehome
12.ErZi (June 2018): stray, in care
13.PaPa (June 2018): stray, in care
14.KongLong (June 2018): rehome
15.AhLim (Aug 2018): stray, in care
16.HaHaHa (Sep 2018): stray, in care
17.HeiNiu (Oct 2018): rehome
18.FeiBin (Nov 2018): stray, in care
19.BinBin (Nov 2018): stray, in care
20.WanWan (Jan 2019): rehome
Ho Yeow Lee

Ah Pek’s final days battling with kidney failure.
Rest in peace, Ah Pek.

Marble’s photo was taken in May 2018, a neighbour was feeding him since I released him after neutered, but his body was found in Jan 2019 at the roadside, suspected food poisoned.
AhPek was infected with sporotrichosis two or three months after neutered, since then a caretaker who lives nearby has sheltered him and cured him. He was diagnosed with kidney disease in June 2019, deceased in Aug 2019. Photo was taken before kidney disease.
The rest are the latest photos, except Tabby. She was adopted in the vet clinic by the vet’s friend after neutered, but I don’t have the contact of the adopter so couldn’t get the latest photo of her.

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