Finally, Indy….finally!!!

After almost 3 months of exploring ways to help Indy with his loose stools, finally, just now…..

These are his stools….

It is formed!!!!!

Blood-tinged, but formed!!!  Only slightly soft – ever so slightly!

So, is something working? The steroids? The Vit B12 injections? The Boulardii? The bone broth?

Is this for real? Is this here to stay? Or is it just another temporary false hope?

Was it intolerance to chicken and has he finally overcome the intolerance himself?

Was it coccidiosis and he has recovered from it now after the medication which we only gave to “cover our bases” because no coccidia was seen in the stool sample?

Or was it, as my raw-feeding friend says, “just detoxification…leave it alone.”

I don’t know!!  But I’ll celebrate the moment and be thankful!

P.S. I am SO, SO glad I didn’t cave and put him on kibble, if indeed this “win” is here to stay.

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