Not Spider-Cat, but Biter-Cat!

Ginger was clearly very offended by the netting.

Previously, he was quite happy staying in the patio, sleeping on the chairs, but not this evening.

Ever since we put up the netting, he has been trying nonstop to find a way in.

Not by scaling, though.

But by biting.

From the video, it is obvious that Ginger WILL get in by biting through the netting.

Perhaps putting up the netting wasn’t such a good idea, after all. It’s made him very offended and he might just hit back with a vengeance.

We only have four male cats and ALL four are super-alphas!!  It’s also strange that when Vincent and Zurik were around, Ginger did not spray as often and as much as he is doing now.

One would expect him to find Vincent and Zurik a threat (both being males), but no, he sprays now?

Are Heidi and Tabs a threat to him???

Ginger, ol’ boy, have you got it all wrong??