The new Ginger-netting

It was getting to be too much already.

Although Ginger is confined to the patio whenever we go out, we do let him in whenever we are home. However, he sneaks very quickly to the living room and sprays on our cushions.

Every single day, I have to wash cushions and cushion covers.

So, today, I decided to use back Bunny-Spider-Cat’s previous netting (with a hole big enough for Pole and Cleo to get through) and install it (just as a trial) on the patio grille.

We’re hoping that Heidi can enter and exit through that hole on the bottom right corner (that used to be big enough for Pole and Cleo).

And we are not sure if the netting is high enough, so we are just trying it out without cutting a new set of netting. Waste not, want not – just making use of what we already have.

The top is purposely curled outward to, hopefully, deter Ginger from climbing.

Heidi’s hole – will it be big enough for her?

But it is also not imperative that Heidi can exit because Heidi spends most of her time inside the house.

While Ginger was investigating this new development, Indy was watching from inside and most probably saying, “I teach you, I teach you!! I know how to get in and out!!”

When the same netting was installed in Bunny’s Room, Cow would bite the Pole-Cleo hole until it was big enough for him and Bunny to go through. We had a second netting installed right up to almost the top bar. Indy had no problems at all scaling/climbing the netting ala Spider-Cat and getting in and out of the room. It was an adventure for him. Pure chicken feed, if you asked him.

After one year, we decided we lost the battle, so we removed the netting and everyone was free to go in and out again. And the spraying resumed, but it was just in Bunny’s Room and not the rest of the house.

Now, Ginger is spraying in the whole house!!  And it’s just too much work to locate where he has sprayed onto.

Do you think Ginger can scale the netting?

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