What if….(again)

Indy’s is back to his usual self, zooming around and playing.

There’s no stools today and the last output was what I found at 5.20am yesterday morning.

His ravenous appetite is back too.

He is currently on Vetri DMG, S.Boulardii (yes, I restarted this after he started getting liquid stools) and the low dose of steroids (Prednisolone – only for 10 days) and the B12 injection (planned to be once a week).

But I’ve also been thinking about what my raw-feeding friend said right from the start when I consulted him on Indy’s “problem”.

What “problem”, he asked.  It’s detoxification. 11 years of eating kibble has created so much problems in the gut, he needs time to detox. As long as there is no fever, no loss of appetite, no weight loss and no lethargy, leave him alone. It’s just detoxification.

That’s what he told me.

But being the overly worried and paranoid pet parent, I was….worried. And paranoid.

So, we explored all kinds of “treatments” for Indy. And so far, actually, nothing has worked. We addressed giardiasis, coccidiosis, probably trichomonosis, we tried pancreatic digestive enzymes, and I’ve forgotten what else now….

Could it be that my raw-feeding friend was right, after all?

That all this is just detoxification and Indy, being a non-textbook cat, just needs more time than others?

All our seven cats took to raw quite easily compared with Indy. Their stools are “beautiful”, their coats are softer and shinier and feeding has become a much easier task now, because they only eat one general type of food – all raw. It’s Cubgrub with the occasional sprinkles of Primal (only when needed).

Gone are the days where someone would demand for kibble or canned food or raw and I don’t know what who wants.

So, what if…..Indy is just taking a longer time to detox?

Dr Karen Becker says some animals take up to a year to do it.

Indy, are you just detoxing?

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