Indy and Cow to the vet’s

I took Indy and Cow to the vet’s today.

Indy was due for his Vit B12 injection (weekly). And Cow had been pawing the right side of his mouth when eating, so I was worried if he had some problem there.

So, Indy had his B12 jab and was really good about it. The vet remarked that Indy is “always happy”. The short version is, we still don’t know what caused Indy’s loose stools but since it’s firming up (hopefully?), we will continue with a few more days of the steroids after his initial 12 days. The Vit B12 jabs is also to heal his gut.

This morning, I ran out of raw chicken fillet so Indy had a full meal of Cubgrub. Shortly after, he excreted some loose stools. Previously, he was on 70% raw fillet and 30% Cubgrub and was fine with this combination. I’m guessing that he may have some incompatibility with the fish oil or egg yolk in Cubgrub at this point in time and maybe when his gut grows stronger, we can increase the Cubgrub gradually again. All our other cats are perfectly fine with Cubgrub, so this must be a Indy-reaction.

As for Cow, the vet checked thoroughly and found that his lower gum has some inflammation. It’s nothing so serious, so twice-daily Orozyme and Greenies should help. Cow was also given an anti-inflammatory injection (Metacam).

Before we left, the vet reminded me to go get chicken fillet for Indy, which I did, right after we came home. So, Indy had his 70+30 meal again and was happy. He really likes his chicken fillet.

Indy: We had to go on a car trip today. I definitely made noise, but Cow was good.

Yes, indeed. Cow was so good in the car, but he was also scared. Poor thing.



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