Mr Kiasu’s spraying issues

It’s strange how previously Ginger would obediently stay in the patio for long hours without complaining (with the patio door closed), but now that the green netting is up, he is complaining so much!

Clearly, he is offended by the netting.

I let him in for breakfast this morning and he had his breakfast with Heidi and Tabs in the kitchen. Then, I had to feed the Cow Clan, so I left him.

And what did he do?

He did a massive spraying on Heidi’s new house.

Mr Kiasu!!

Luckily I had already placed all the cushions on top of the piano.

Still, if I let him wander around, he would climb up onto the piano and spray on the cushions or the wall behind it (that would be a nightmare because the piano is far too heavy to be moved).

So far, Ginger is attempting to BITE the green netting and tear it piece by piece – of course he is targeting the “loophole” at the right corner. He hasn’t attempted to scale the netting yet.

I’m waiting for my friend to read my text as I’m asking her what essential oils she used to stop her cat from spraying!  We have 4 super-sprayers – Cow, Bunny, Indy and now, Ginger.

Indy CAN learn, but he just doesn’t want to. During the one year when Cow & Bunny were exiled to the pantry, Indy was the only one who could scale the netting and come into the room – He DID NOT spray at all.

So, he knows what he is not supposed to do. He just doesn’t want to do it.

Join the bandwagon, folks!! Males spray!!

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