Neutering aid for 5 dogs in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM750 for the neutering of these 5 dogs.

Mr Liew has provided photo updates of the 3 previous dogs neutered in early November 2019 (below).

The 3 previous dogs:

Here’s a little update for the recent aided strays.
I have named them Nene, Feipo and Momo. They are in stable condition after surgery and are mixing well with the rest of the others after returning back on site. They are daily fed with food and water.
Thank you

In my situation, as my work place is among the industrial area, there bound to be a multitude of strays around. Coupled with uncontrolled prevention, breeding occurs and the numbers increase exponentially.
Honestly, with the help of my mother, we both feed the strays of about 50++ at different (but close proximity) areas within this industrial location. As you can see in image attached (11 photos), these are the numbers that we were able to take shots of, and the amount of food prepared each day we head out. Due to funds being mostly segregated for food, we leave not much for neutering. Therefore, having such aid definitely helps in lightening the burden.
We are committed to care for them for life and this is something we do on a daily basis. More of just feeding and caring for them, we intend to control the numbers as there have been multiple encounters of dog catchers and MPKJ ensuing due to complaints. We want to ensure that we help the ones that are here at present and to prevent the breeding spread from ever increasing uncontrollably.


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