Saving an IBD cat from 11000 miles away

The story:

Over the next weeks, many nauseating hours were spent in butchers’ shops and in the kitchen, simmering bones and disembowelling poultry following Lyn’s recommendations. The commitment of the all-vegetarian cattery staff was tested to the limit both by the concoctions stored in the freezer and by the ever-increasing list of instructions on Alistair’s pen. Although it started with a simple injunction: “ABSOLUTELY NO BISCUITS!” Alistair’s mealtimes became culinary challenges. Thawing broths, choosing a variety of poultry, mixing in probiotics and sprinkling digestive enzymes. We knew from the well-thumbed printout of the IBD article that we were at the start of a long process.

And finally…

For his first “new” meal, Alistair was given a choice between freshly roasted chicken and raw food. He wolfed down the raw and left the chicken. Transition completed! An even more dramatic and seemingly miraculous development, though, happened within a couple of days. His stools became absolutely normal. No gradual change, no setbacks. After at least a year of continuous diarrhoea and three months of gut-repair diet, Alistair, amazingly, became normal overnight. He loves his new food and continues to eat every flavour enthusiastically.

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