The poop question

An interesting video comparing cat poop:

Ever since going 100% raw, our seven cats have this dry, crumbly poop that does not smell at all (the picture on the right).

Indy is still off-and-on. When we are lucky, we get semi-firm stools from him. When not so lucky, it is soft and still a bit smelly. We’re still working on Indy’s gut-healing.

My raw-feeding friend says I’m worrying too much about Indy and passing on negative vibes to him. I should stop worrying, he said. Give him time to heal. Maybe he is right. Worry is a negative emotion.

Do your best, And leave the rest;
‘Twill all come right, Some day or night.

Some cats go on kibble all their lives and have absolutely no problems at all. So, it all depends on the cat, I suppose. It’s just like some humans who smoke a few packs of cigarettes per day and live a long life with absolutely no lung disease. Figure that out, right?

It boils down to genetics, doesn’t it? Nature (genetics) is actually more dominant than nurture (lifestyle). It’s all a game of chance then. One is born with one’s genetic lottery. Get the right one and you live a long life.

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